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The island of Bali has many local superfoods, one of which is Moringa leaf. This leaf is becoming increasingly popular around the world as a next-level health food and you can find it in most cafes on the island!

The prickly-looking fruit has an incredible meaty texture that makes it a favorite meat replacement for vegans and vegetarians. It is also rich in dietary fiber, iron, potassium, calcium and Vitamin C.

Snake Fruit

Salak, or snake fruit, is a native Balinese fruit with brown scaly skin. Once peeled, it reveals lobes that resemble cloves of garlic and is full of dietary fiber, calcium, iron, and vitamin C.

Moringa leaf is a next-level superfood packed with calcium, iron, and vitamins. It’s commonly made into juice and added to smoothies. It’s also a great mosquito repellent!


Guava (scientifically, Psidium guajava) is an exotic fruit that tastes like kiwi and watermelon with notes of pears and berries. It is rich in vitamins C and B as well as minerals such as potassium, calcium and iron.

You can find oranges all over the island, they are refreshing and bursting with Vitamin C. You can enjoy them freshly squeezed or added to local desserts such as es jeruk.


Known for its smell, durian is one of the more unique tropical fruits in Bali. You can find it at roadside stalls and traditional markets throughout the island.

You’ll also see plenty of orange coconuts on the island. These are full of vitamin-rich water that is perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot day in Bali. You can drink it as is or add it to a smoothie.


Salak is a very healthy fruit which contains a variety of essential body nutrients. It is rich in protein, calcium, iron and potassium.

Known as the snake fruit due to its scaly skin, this exotic Bali Class Tropical Fruit has three clove-like structures inside each with an inedible seed. It has a tropical flavor with hints of pineapple and banana.

It is used in smoothies, juice, wine and candies. Cubed salak can also be served as a refreshing snack and cocktail garnish.


Also known as custard apple, graviola or Brazilian paw paw, soursop (Annona muricata) is an exotic tropical fruit that is widely cultivated in Samoa and other Pacific Islands and South America.

Soursop is an effective anti-inflammatory and a natural pain reliever. It is an excellent source of potassium, which helps reduce high blood pressure by relieving tension in the blood vessels.


The island of Bali is full of unique tropical fruit, thanks to its perfect weather and fertile soil. You’ll find that many of these fruits aren’t commonly found elsewhere.

A popular fruit on the island, jackfruit can be seen growing on trees everywhere in Bali. They’re used for local dessert dishes like Es Buah (fruits assorted with ice and coconut milk and sugar) and fried jackfruit chips.


Known as “belimbing” in Bali, this tropical fruit is chock-full of vitamin C. When ripe, it should have a floral-fruity scent.

Besides being an antioxidant powerhouse, star fruit is also a great source of fibre. It aids digestion, regulates blood sugar levels and helps manage weight. It also has potential heart health benefits thanks to its potassium and calcium content. However, those with kidney issues should avoid it as it contains oxalic acid.


Papaya is a climacteric fruit that requires careful handling and storage. It is a good source of Vitamin C and contains soluble fiber.

Papaya is delicious eaten fresh or used in a fruit salad. Drizzling lime juice over the top can enhance the flavor. It can also be added to smoothies and blended for fun adult beverages. It pairs well with guava and snake fruit (buah nga). Rambutan or kelengkeng is another favorite.


Rambutan is a tropical fruit that has spiky exteriors and a sweet edible flesh. It is a good source of antioxidants and dietary fiber. It also helps hydrate the skin and promotes weight loss.

Its peel contains anti-diabetic properties. Its seed paste helps treat scaly and itchy skin. It also has oxidative properties that can remove blemishes from the skin. It also cures dysentery and fever.


Pomelo is a thick-skinned citrus fruit that looks like a giant grapefruit. Known locally as jeruk Bali, it can be segmented and is a popular ingredient in many traditional Balinese dishes.

Pomelos are a good source of Vitamin C, an important antioxidant that promotes healthy skin and blood vessels. They also contain fiber, which helps keep you feeling full longer and reduces cravings.